Rabu, 13 Februari 2013


If you like building a gun yourself, you should try to get tippmann 98 upgrade. Thus, turning a Tippmann 98 custom into a speedball marker can be a very fun and exciting activity. As a matter of fact, stock Tippman 98s are considered as not well suited to the speedball world. You will be amazed and impressed of how your 98 can become a great electronic speedball gun. The thing that makes many people like to build their gun by themselves is that they know every part installed in their gun. Tippmann itself is well-known as a manufacturer of paintball equipment. They also manufacture military simulation kits. This company is originally a family owned business. Therefore, there are several easy steps you can follow when you want to turn a Tippmann 98 custom into a speedball marker.
The first step is we should obtain a barrel kit. After getting a Tippmann 98 custom, we should not forget to get a barrel kit since it is a factor which can determine the accuracy of paintball marker. Somehow, if your paintball can fit perfectly with the barrel, it can be accurate. In order to fit the paintball, you definitely need a barrel kit. What does include in a barrel kit? Well, a barrel kit consists of some different size barrels. Step your game up will be more fascinating than ever. By having a barrel kit, you will be able to get the right paint-to-bore match. The second step is we have to increase rate of fire. In the 98 custom upgrades, we should make sure that we can opt to either convert to electronics or to get a mechanical system in increasing our fire rate. If you consider getting a cheaper one, you can decide to get mechanical response trigger. Otherwise, if you want to get more control over your trigger, you can opt to get E-trigger.
Those two steps above are the basic things you have to do when you are going to turn your Tippmann 98 custom into a speedball marker. Otherwise, participating in the paintball sport is very advantageous. The first benefit is we can sharpen our problem solving skill. You will be urged to work on team when playing paintball. The second benefit is we can also improve our leadership skill. We know that a team must have a leader.  So, you can also learn on how to take responsibilities and make decisions properly.

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