Jumat, 21 September 2012

Should i file small claims?

The presence of car insurance is to make us live with fewer risks. Regarding that we may get an accident on the road at any time, purchasing the auto insurance from a reputable insurance company is a must. Before purchasing auto insurance, we are suggested to shop around, to compare quotes, to find any possible discounts we may be eligible for, and to work with an agent. Therefore, when it comes to have a minor accident, should we file small claims?

          When we have a minor accident, we should not in a hurry to file small claims. The first thing we have to do is shopping around at multiple body shops. We need to know how much it will cost to repair the car damage. The second thing we have to do is comparing the auto repair cost with our current collision deductible. If the repair cost is much lower than our collision deductible, we just need to pay for the damage. There is no need to file a claim when the repair cost is much cheaper than our collision deductible. As the result, our premium will not be going up. What’s more, we will not get affected rates in case we switch carriers.

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